What is the scheme?

    Westminster Voucher scheme is a simple, tangible inexpensive way for employers to assist employees with their childcare costs. They are given by employers to their employees and are then used by them as part or full payment towards their children's childcare.

    What are the benefits of this scheme to the employee?

    • Westminster Childcare Vouchers is a cost effective way to helping pay childcare costs. The vouchers are exempt from both Employer and Employee Class 1 N.I. Contributions under regulation 19(1)(d) of the Social Security (Contributions) Regulations, 1979. Your employer purchases the vouchers so you only pay NI on the salary after the vouchers have been paid for. The vouchers are also exempt from tax.


    • Freedom to choose a childcare provider of your choice and the flexibility to decide how much of your salary you want to use on this scheme.


    • By operating the scheme it shows that your employer cares and has a commitment for the employee. It has been shown to be a great tool for recruiting and retaining employees.


    It is widely seen by employees with young children to be a valuable company benefit.

    Who can be a carer?

    Breakfast club

    After-school club

    Summer club

    Registered child minder


    Nursery or Playgroup

    Who Can NOT be a carer?

    Relative – a parent, grand parents, aunt or uncle, brother or sister (whether blood, half-blood, marriage or affinity), and includes step-parents.

    How do I join the scheme?

    • Complete an Employees Voucher order form and the ‘Amendment to Vary Terms and Conditions of Contract'.


    • You will receive the Westminster Vouchers as part of your salary. Vouchers are only redeemable by your selected childcarer. If your Carer changes, you must notify us immediately. We will send you a new Redemption form. Alternatively, download the form from this website.


    • Pass the Childcarer's Redemption form to your Childcarer. They have to send us the completed Voucher Agreement Form plus a copy of their OFSTED Registration Certificate or equivalent authority for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, along with the vouchers for redemption. A FREEPOST envelope is provided.


    Westminster Voucher Company will make payment electronically (BACS) direct to the Provider.


    Payments are normally made within two or three working days following claim being received. Carers have to be registered with us before payment can be made to them. Vouchers are valid for twelve months from date of issue. After this time they need to be sent to us for revalidating.


    Notify us immediately if the vouchers have been lost or stolen. These can be cancelled and replacements issued. This normally takes five working days from notification.


    If these vouchers are later found please destroy them, as they are no longer valid.


    This scheme provides regular help with Childcare costs.


    The sooner you start using the Westminster Childcare vouchers the sooner you start enjoying the benefit.

    Which forms do I need to complete to start the scheme?

    You will need to fill out the Employee Order Form and the Variation of Terms form

If you have any questions you can email us at info@westminstervouchers.com or call us on 0208 550 2761