What is the scheme?

    Westminster Voucher scheme is a simple, tangible inexpensive way for employers to assist employees with their childcare costs. It shows how you care for your employees by paying them with vouchers in lieu of cash as part of their salary, this saves your employee money as the value of he vouchers are exempt from NI and TAX (Max voucher value: £55 per week or £243 per calendar month). The Voucher scheme is widely regarded amongst parents with young children as their most valuable benefit from their company. It’s a great staff recruitment and retention tool. Childcare Vouchers have shown to be an effective and proven way to prevent losing skilled employees to other family-friendly employers. The scheme is simple and inexpensive to run. Westminster Childcare Vouchers scheme is easy to run and our administration charges are most competitive. Any queries can be dealt with by calling our Customer Services on 0208 550 2761

    Who can be a carer?

    Breakfast club

    After-school club

    Summer club

    Registered child minder


    Nursery or Playgroup

    Who can NOT be a carer?

    Relative – a parent, grand parents, aunt or uncle, brother or sister (whether blood, half-blood, marriage or affinity), and includes step-parents.

    How do I get started?

    The Westminster Childcare Voucher Scheme can be started quickly with minimal administration. Phone us to let us know you wish to start our scheme. We will send some Employee packs to you, alternatively you can download the forms from our website.


    These are the simple steps on how the scheme works:


    • Decide which employees are going to be eligible for this benefit and their allowance. Equal opportunities and employment laws do prevail.


    • Employer and employee complete and sign the Employee ‘Amendment to Vary Terms and Conditions of Contract' form and keep one copy each.


    • Employee to complete Order Form, and to give back to Employer.


    • Post all order forms of those employees who will be receiving the benefit to Westminster Voucher Co. Personalized Vouchers can be ordered and dispatched weekly or monthly to the place of work or home address.


    • Each employee passes the voucher on to their Childcare Provider.


    • Initially The Childcare provider completes a Voucher Redemption Agreement form (which is posted with the first voucher) and sends this with the first set of vouchers to be redeemed. The Childcare provider is paid within two or three working days after receiving the vouchers. A remittance advice is emailed or posted once payment is made.


    • Only the named employee on the voucher can use this voucher to pay their chosen childcare provider. The employer, employee and childcare provider can contact us on for administrative advice.

    What is the cost of this service to the employer?

    Employers do not pay National Insurance on the value of the vouchers. Our administration charge is very competitive and falls below the savings so Employers are still saving money.

    Which forms do I need to complete to start the scheme?

    You will need to fill out the Request to start the scheme form

If you have any questions you can email us at info@westminstervouchers.com or call us on 0208 550 2761